Moves-Change Of Direction 6-10-12 | U9 Youth Soccer Drills & Skills



To improve video quality I am now making sure the air conditioning is turned off during filming.  We are also going to experiment with verbal introductions to the different session elements. 

The new move we learned today was the Step On.  We spent a few minutes learning this move by watching the soccer training video Make Your Move DVD 1 by Coerver Coaching.  This is a move Avery learned several months ago and is one of her go-to moves in games. 

Soccer University calls this move the Pull Back and teaches players to turn towards the ball after the pull back which allows you to keep your eye on the ball and more effectively shield the ball.  Coerver Coaching teaches players to turn away from the ball after the pull back.  I have already taught Avery to turn towards the ball so we are going to continue using this technique as well as continue calling this move the Pull Back.     

The first minutes of our practice session were spent practicing the Pull Back with both the right and left foot.  Avery is already familiar with this move and picked it up right away. 

We then proceeded to practice a few of the other more difficult moves she learned previously.  Today we did 5 reps per move per foot.

Next we practiced shielding both with a foot on the ball and a foot off the ball.  We ended the practice session with Avery dribbling with pressure.


Pull Back – Stop & Start Move – New Move
MYM | 19:10

Slap Step On – Change Of Direction Move
MYM 1 | 10:21

Pull Push Behind – Change Of Direction Move
MYM 1 | 9:59

U-Turn Stepover – Change Of Direction Move
MYM 1 | 9:38

U-Turn – Change Of Direction Move
MYM 1 | 8:45

Hook Turn – Change Of Direction Move
MYM 1 | 8:02


Foot Off Ball Shielding

Foot On Ball Shielding

Pressure Dribbling
SU 1 | 1:23:19

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