Frequently Asked Questions
Should I get my child professional training?
Absolutely!  Proper training is the most important element to improving your game. 
Unfortunately, many people do not have access to and/or cannot afford quality training.  You may live in a small town and have to drive an hour or more for academy training.  Or you may have an established soccer club in your area, but the training being provided for your child is lacking.  
My own daughter spent three years at what was at the time the only established youth soccer club in our city.  During that time she was taught very little technique.  Spending money on professional training was not very helpful to me in this case. 
Finally, keep in mind that the resources recommended on this site do provide professional training.  These resources cost a fraction of what you will spend on academy training and you will have access to the training whenever you want it.  That, I believe, is a good deal!   
Should my child play for an academy / club / team? 
Absolutely!  1v1 Soccer assumes you are playing for a team and receiving regular training at an academy or from a coach. 
There are many benefits to participating on a soccer team through an established club or academy.  Some of these benefits can include strengthened conditioning, increased tactical knowledge, technical training, and the fun that comes from playing on a team. 
1v1 Soccer should be viewed as a supplement to the solid training you are hopefully already receiving through your academy or coach. 

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