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Soccer Background
I started playing soccer in first grade and played through high school.  Soccer became a varsity sport when I was a high school junior and I started for two years at Lincoln Southeast High School in Lincoln, Nebraska.   I was also played two seasons of select club soccer in high school.   

I attempted to get my first two daughters involved in soccer without success.  My first daughter just ran around the field always making sure to stay at least ten feet away from the ball.  My second daughter ran off the field crying and refused to participate ever again. 

But my youngest daughter, Avery, took to the game immediately.  She loves to play and I love to support her development.   

1v1 Soccer – Inspiration
When my daughter Avery became passionate about soccer at age eight, I first took an interest in coaching. 

During her U9 fall and spring seasons I helped out as an assistant coach and had a great time.  While helping out as an assistant coach I started pursuing education and in 2012 received a United States Soccer Federation Class E license. 

My plan at the time was to work my way into a head coaching position and continue my education through additional licensing.  But something happened during the Class E licensing course which changed my soccer trajectory. 

During a question/answer session with the teacher, the coaches began discussing various ways of dealing with “parents”.  The tone of the conversation was generally negative – that parents were a problem. 

This surprised me.  As an educator with over twenty years of teaching experience and a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction, I have never viewed parents as a problem in any educational environment – be it the classroom or athletics.  Given a smidge of education and direction, parents can be tremendous assets.    

That moment inspired a new idea and a new passion.  Rather than coaching, I wanted to create a website for the motivated parent that wants to work on soccer fundamentals with their child at home.  Soon after, I made the decision to stop coaching in order to dedicate all of my soccer free time to 1v1 Soccer. 

1v1 Soccer - Creation
I hunted around for effective resources and took a flyer on a splashy looking (but expensive) five DVD series calledSoccer University.  The day it arrived I watched the entire first DVD (2 hours) and was blown away.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  There is a great deal of poor instructional material out there, but Soccer University is fantastic.    

Since receiving the DVD’s I have spent hours breaking down Soccer University (and other) video and reorganizing the content to make it accessible to anyone.  As a 10-hour DVD series it is overwhelming.  But I make it easy by telling you exactly what, when, where, and how to do it. 

Now I am bringing all this work to you.
Teaching Experience
I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1994 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and an endorsement to teach English in Grades 6-12.  In 2004 I received a Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Nebraska-Omaha.   

After graduating from UNL I spent twelve years teaching 8th grade Language Arts in three different middle schools.  Since 2005 I’ve worked as the Youth Program Director for a non-profit in Lincoln, Nebraska. 
As Youth Program Director I have developed mentoring and reading programs for children and youth Grades Pre-School through Grade 12.  I have spent my entire career teaching and developing programs for children and youth. 

1v1 Soccer – Legitimacy
Some academies and coaches (not all) make parents feel like are clueless, or in the way, or that you may harm your child if you work with them at home by teaching them bad habits.  Some soccer academy coaches (not all) may suggest I am not qualified to coach or train soccer. 

In some ways, these concerns are reasonable.  If you are teaching your child incorrect technique then it will mess them up, teach them bad habits, and make a coach’s job more difficult. 

But there is no reason for you to teach wrong fundamentals.  If you get your hands on the right resources – professional resources – not only will you be able to teach your child all the moves an academy can, but in some ways can be even more effective.  You can provide more one-on-one instruction than they are able to, and you are more motivated than they may be to see your child be succeed.

I will admit soccer is a difficult game in which to become skilled in technique.  But it isn’t rocket science.  The Inside Cut and Outside Cut are simple to learn, easy to teach, and will immediately improve the game of any youth soccer player.  The same is true with most other techniques as well.  

1v1 Soccer - Goal
It is not the intent of this site to criticize or undermine soccer academies and clubs.    There are some poor ones out there, but many of them do good work.  If you have access to and can afford good academy instruction then you should absolutely take advantage of it. 

Rather, this site is about additional training you can do at home.  Becoming a skilled soccer player demands a significant amount of additional work outside of formal practices and games.  It demands effective instruction and many thousands of touches on the ball.  The additional work you do with your child at home is a positive, not a negative. 

This site is also about being a resource for the large number of families who do not have access to and/or cannot afford good instruction.  You may live in a small town and have to drive an hour or more for academy training.  Or you may have a soccer club in your area, but the training being provided for your child is sorely lacking.      

The videos on this site I think speak for themselves.  The content on 1v1 Soccer has transformed my daughter’s soccer game and enabled her to compete at a high level despite not being a superior athlete or a year-round player. 

I am confident this site can do the same for you.
On a final note, the drills on this site have created precious daddy-daughter time.  Whether that contributes to the legitimacy of this site is debatable, but I can think of few things in life more valuable.      
1v1 Soccer - Side Project
Running 1v1 Soccer is a project I do in my spare time.  I work full-time as a Youth Program Director for a non-profit, am a husband and father, and have a lot going on as many people do.
I recognize 1v1 Soccer has many elements which could be improved.  I wish I had the time to make this site (including my videos) completely polished.  Unfortunately, my time is limited so all I can do is my best.
What I have tried to do is create a site that is functional, well organized, and where you can quickly find what you need.  I am hopeful you will find 1v1 Soccer unique, with usable content you can’t find anywhere else.   
Hopefully you will enjoy this site as much as Avery and I have had fun creating it. 
Welcome to 1v1 Soccer! 
Help your child win the 1v1 soccer battle!
Todd Bowman

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