Moves-Change Of Direction 6-7-12 | U9 Youth Soccer Drills & Skills


This is my first video for 1v1 Soccer. 
On one hand, I am proud of the effort.  This is my first attempt ever at video editing.  On the other hand, I know there will be a variety of things I will need to change to improve the quality of future videos.  Please hang in there with me.  
The new move we continued working on today was the U-Turn Stepover.  Avery and I spent over ten minutes working on it yesterday and neither of us could figure it out.  It has proven itself difficult to execute. 
Prior to our practice session today I spent an additional ten minutes reviewing and practicing this move by watching the soccer training video Make Your Move DVD 1 by Coerver Coaching.  I at least got to a point where I felt I understood the basic footwork of the move.    
The first five minutes of our practice session today were spent working on the U-Turn Stepover in slow motion with the right foot only.  Avery improved significantly from yesterday, but it will probably still take several days before she can execute this move with any degree of proficiency. 
Our remaining time was spent practicing the moves she has learned previously.  Today we did five reps per move per foot.
U-Turn Stepover – Chang Of Direction Move – New Move
MYM 1 | 9:38
U-Turn – Change Of Direction Move
MYM 1 | 8:45
Hook Turn – Change Of Direction Move
MYM 1 | 8:02
Twist Off – Change Of Direction Move
MYM 1 | 7:43
Double Cut – Change Of Direction Move
MYM 1 | 7:29
Slap Cut – Change Of Direction Move
MYM 1 | 6:37
Outside Cut – Change Of Direction Move
MYM 1 | 5:29 
SU 3 | 1:27:30
SU 3 | 1:32:31
Inside Cut – Change Of Direction Move
MYM 1 | 4:32 
SU 3 | 1:26:31
SU 3 | 1:34:43

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