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1v1 Soccer videos are not designed to teach proper technique.

Instead, take advantage of the resources linked at the end of this post.  These resources are the best of what is out there.  These resources contain professional trainers and skilled players correctly demonstrating (often in slow-motion) the techniques you want to learn.

The purpose of 1v1 Soccer is to show parents how to modify effective soccer instructional resources for home use.  By applying these resources in the myriad of different ways demonstrated on this site, you can help your child win the 1v1 soccer battle.

A Body Tackle involves getting your entire body between your opponent and the ball.  This is called Separation.  The purpose of a Body Tackle is to separate the offensive player from ball.    

Body Tackle–Separation is the easiest tackle to learn.  Even the youngest players (U5) can learn this tackle. 

I love this tackle because it is extremely effective.  When combined with an Angled Approach you can take the ball away from an opponent even if they are stronger, faster, and more skilled than you. 

I also love this tackle because it teaches physical play.  Body Tackle-Separation won’t be successful unless you are aggressive and physical.

You can make a Body Tackle regardless of whether your opponent is facing you or if you are chasing your opponent from behind.   

I taught Avery how to Body Tackle when she was six years old.  What she lacks in athleticism she has to make up for in both technical and physical play.

NOTE:  Unfortunately, I am not aware of instructional videos which teach this technique.  The videos in this section will highlight Avery using this technique in games. 


Body Tackle – Separation

Outdoor Training Sessions (Link Below)

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