Best U9 Youth Soccer Moves | #30-#31 – Kicking/Passing



The best thing a developing soccer player can do is develop dominant ball skills needed to master the 1v1 (one verses one) game.

This means getting thousands of touches on the ball to develop deep comfort and control with all parts of the body and feet.  This also means mastering specific skills to keep the ball away from an opponent, move the ball around an opponent, and take the ball away from an opponent.  As a player grows up, dominant ball skills provide the best foundation for developing dominant passing skills.

Younger players can work through each move and skip those which are too difficult.  Older players can work through each move and spend time mastering those which are weak or missing from their game.

Moves #30 - #31 – Kicking / Passing
The Angle Long Air Pass/Kick is crucial in youth soccer and only grows in importance as you grow up.  This kick provides a maximum amount of power and there are multiple uses for this kick during a game. 

Offensively, it can be used to score goals from all around and even outside the penalty area.  The ability to get the ball in the air with power is a significant weapon for the youth soccer player.  This kick can also be used offensively to send a ball from the wing into the front of the goal.  It is also effective on corner kicks.

Defensively, this kick can be used to effectively clear the ball from your side of the field to the opponent’s side of the field.  It can also be used to make a long pass to a teammate making an offensive run.   

This kick can be difficult to learn.  I spent an entire summer working with Avery on this kick.  It took hundreds of repetitions for her to become reasonably proficient. 

This is the one soccer move where I strongly recommend supplementing instructional videos with professional training.  Spend some money and hire a skilled soccer trainer to teach your child (and you) how to properly execute the Angle Long Air Pass/Kick.    


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