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1v1 Soccer videos are not designed to teach proper technique.

Instead, take advantage of the resources linked at the end of this post.  These resources are the best of what is out there.  These resources contain professional trainers and skilled players correctly demonstrating (often in slow-motion) the techniques you want to learn.

The purpose of 1v1 Soccer is to show parents how to modify effective soccer instructional resources for home use.  By applying these resources in the myriad of different ways demonstrated on this site, you can help your child win the 1v1 soccer battle.

There are many components to a properly kicking a soccer ball.  If any of these components are executed incorrectly the entire kick breaks down.  Some of these components include:

·         Soccer Hop
·         Load
·         Down Swing
·         Placement Of Plant Foot
·         Shape Of Kicking Leg – V Shape
·         Shape Of Striking Foot
·         Ball Contacting Point
·         Eyes On Ball
·         Body Positioning
·         Shoulder Positioning
·         Impact Point
·         Follow Through
There is a soccer training DVD called Blast The Ball which is included with the Soccer University DVD training series.  Blast The Ball covers nearly every element of a correct soccer kick.  I strongly recommend this purchasing and reviewing this DVD to develop and master the various components of properly kicking a soccer ball. 

An Angle Kick involves approaching a soccer ball at an angle and using the rotation of your hips to generate power.  It also involves kicking ball with a specific part of your foot.  This kick can be difficult to learn. 

The Angle Long Air Pass/Kick is a specific version of the Angle Kick.  It involves striking the ball with power below center in the middle of the ball.  It also involves throwing your shoulders back instead of staying over the ball.  This kick is designed get the ball in the air with power. 

There are other versions of the Angle Kick, but the Angle Long Air Pass/Kick is the most versatile and effective version for youth soccer.  It can be used in a myriad of situations both offensively and defensively.  It is necessary to learn and grows in importance as you grow up. 

An Angle Long Air Pass/Kick – Stationary Ball involves learning how to properly kick a ball that is not moving in the air with power using the proper part of the foot.  A stationary ball allows you to focus exclusively on learning proper technique rather than worry about additional elements connected to a moving ball. 

The Angle Long Air Pass/Kick – Forward Moving Ball technique involves learning how to properly kick a ball that is moving towards you.  This is a fairly common situation in youth soccer.   

NOTE:  This kick can be difficult to learn.  I spent several days working with Avery on nothing except the Angle Long Air Pass/Kick.  It took hundreds of repetitions for her to become reasonably proficient. 

This is the one soccer move where I strongly recommend supplementing instructional videos with personal coaching.  Spend the money and hire a skilled soccer trainer to teach your child (and you) how to properly execute the Angle Long Air Pass/Kick.    


Angle Long Air Pass/Kick – Stationary Ball
BTB | 19:30

Angle Long Air Pass/Kick – Forward Moving Ball
BTB | 19:30

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BTB = Blast The Ball DVD (Included With Soccer University DVD Series)

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