Best U8 Youth Soccer Moves | #5-#10 – Dribbling



The best thing a developing soccer player can do is develop dominant ball skills needed to master the 1v1 (one verses one) game.

This means getting thousands of touches on the ball to develop deep comfort and control with all parts of the body and feet.  This also means mastering specific skills to keep the ball away from an opponent, move the ball around an opponent, and take the ball away from an opponent.  As a player grows up, dominant ball skills provide the best foundation for developing dominant passing skills.

Younger players can work through each move and skip those which are too difficult.  Older players can work through each move and spend time mastering those which are weak or missing from their game.

Moves #5-#10 – Dribbling 
1st Touch + DRIBBLING + Moves + Physicality + Ball Control = BALL DOMINANCE

Now we get to the fun stuff – DRIBBLING.  Dribbling is the primary component needed to develop command of a soccer ball.  This is where 1v1 excellence begins.   

The youngest ages of youth soccer (U6 – U9) are all about Speed Dribbling and Fast Dribbling.  Get the ball at your foot, punch it forward, and sprint after it.  Chop Dribbling will let you maintain possession and move into the best position to pass or score in front of a crowded goal box.  Controlled Dribbling will let you quickly move the ball down a barely open sideline.     

Do you have a U6 - U12 coach telling you to pass the ball all the time?  Find a new coach. 

Every player should have multiple opportunities to first dribble the ball and try to beat at least one opponent 1v1 before passing.  This is how you develop creativity and confidence with the ball.  If you are faced with two or more defenders, it is appropriate to pass.  But there is just one defender in front of you – go for it.   

Especially use scrimmages, small-sided-games, and free-play during training to practice your dribbling.  This is the perfect time to do it since there are no penalties for losing the ball. 

Yes, there is a place for passing even in the youngest ages of soccer, but it should not be a primary area of emphasis.  The exception would be truly exceptional players or teams that have already mastered ball dominance.   

And if you are a defender and your coach doesn’t want you dribbling, then request to spend half your minutes each game playing forward and use the time to be creative and dribble! 


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