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1v1 Soccer videos are not designed to teach proper technique.

Instead, take advantage of the resources linked at the end of this post.  These resources are the best of what is out there.  These resources contain professional trainers and skilled players correctly demonstrating (often in slow-motion) the techniques you want to learn.

The purpose of 1v1 Soccer is to show parents how to modify effective soccer instructional resources for home use.  By applying these resources in the myriad of different ways demonstrated on this site, you can help your child win the 1v1 soccer battle.

Kicking / Passing
The Inside Foot One Touch Ground Kick/Pass involves using the inside foot to kick a ball along the ground in a specific direction.  Instead of trapping the ball or kicking a stationary ball, this kick involves striking a moving ball.  This kick offers a high degree of control if executed correctly and is commonly used to pass the ball to a teammate.  The idea behind one touch passing is speed of play.  One touch passing allows a team to move the ball quickly making it difficult for the opposing team to defend and tackle. 

Kicking / Passing

Inside Foot One Touch Ground Pass + Moving Laterally With Ball – Passing Back & Forth While Moving
SU 1 | 2:03:40

Inside Foot One Touch Ground Kick/Pass
SU 1 | 1:39:05
BTB | 18:38

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