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1v1 Soccer videos are not designed to teach proper technique.

Instead, take advantage of the resources linked at the end of this post.  These resources are the best of what is out there.  These resources contain professional trainers and skilled players correctly demonstrating (often in slow-motion) the techniques you want to learn.

The purpose of 1v1 Soccer is to show parents how to modify effective soccer instructional resources for home use.  By applying these resources in the myriad of different ways demonstrated on this site, you can help your child win the 1v1 soccer battle.

There are very few drills in this list of Top Soccer Moves, but “Minefield” is a fantastic drill to develop Dribbling, Moves, and Ball Control.

“Minefield” specifically focuses on Chop Dribbling. 

Chop Dribbling involves quick, choppy steps and touching the ball with every step.  This is the most controlled type of dribbling and is usually utilized in a crowded area of the field while still allowing you to move the ball forward.

Chop Dribbling is difficult to master and takes lots of practice.  But the practice is worth it.  Practicing this dribbling technique allows you to quickly get hundreds and even thousands of touches on the ball.  These touches help you develop confidence and comfort with the ball at your foot.  In addition, mastering the Chop Dribble will provide a foundation upon which you can quickly learn other dribbling and ball control techniques.

“Minefield” specifically focuses on Inside Cut / Outside Cut / Double Touch / Pull Back / Pull Push Behind / The V.  

There are three different categories of soccer moves.

Change of Direction moves are designed to move you away from pressure and into open areas of the field.  Sudden changes of direction will make you unpredictable, difficult to defend, and allow you to create space for yourself.  Changing direction also helps find new openings and change your options. 

Stop & Start moves are designed to help you lose an opponent who is applying heavy pressure.  Stop and Start moves allow you to freeze your opponent for just an instant, allowing you to accelerate into the space where you want to move.  These moves allow you to continue moving in the same direction.  They do not demand that you stop and move in a different direction like Change of Direction moves do. 

Fake & Feint moves are designed to help you beat an opponent who is facing you.  Most of these moves are built around misdirection.  You move your body one way while the ball moves another way.  An opponent typically follows your body rather than the ball, giving you the space you need to move around them. 

Ball Control
“Minefield” specifically focuses on Bobbles Moving / Roll Touch / Forward Touch / Toe Taps Moving.  

The biggest benefit to developing strong Ball Control skills is it allows you the ability to dominate the ball in tight spaces.  There are many great soccer players – who are fast, have a great shot, or can pass like no one else on the team – that simply lose it under heavy pressure.  The best players, however, are able to work in tight spaces and not lose possession

Ball Control moves give you the ability to manipulate the ball with every part of your foot – laces, sole, inside and outside foot.  Mastery of these techniques will make you a great ball handler in tight spaces.     

Ball Control is the most under-taught and under-practiced of all the core skills needed for a developing soccer player.  Players at all levels should work on these skills as often as possible.  Practice them over and over until you can complete them at a high rate of speed.

Ball Control / Dribbling / Moves

“Minefield” Drill - Chop Dribbling / Bobbles Moving / Roll Touch / Forward Touch / Toe Taps Moving / Double Touch / Pull Back / Inside Cut / Outside Cut / Pull Push Behind / The V
SU 1 | 47:11

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