Best U10 Youth Soccer Moves | #32-#34 – Defending & Tackling



The best thing a developing soccer player can do is develop dominant ball skills needed to master the 1v1 (one verses one) game.

This means getting thousands of touches on the ball to develop deep comfort and control with all parts of the body and feet.  This also means mastering specific skills to keep the ball away from an opponent, move the ball around an opponent, and take the ball away from an opponent.  As a player grows up, dominant ball skills provide the best foundation for developing dominant passing skills.

Younger players can work through each move and skip those which are too difficult.  Older players can work through each move and spend time mastering those which are weak or missing from their game.

Moves #32 - #34 – Defending & Tackling
A fast and skilled opponent is dribbling right at you with the ball at their foot – what do you do?  No need to panic.  Just take an Angled Approach and use your body to separate them from the ball. 

Angled Approach and Separation – this is the key to dominating the 1v1 defensive game.

Two techniques – it’s that simple. 

If you can master Angled Approach & Separation you can take the ball away from even an athletic and/or skilled offensive opponent. 

The crazy thing is that while these two techniques are so effective they are often not taught.  Many soccer clubs either neglect teaching defense and tackling altogether, or they teach outdated and less effective techniques. 

One commonly taught tackle I would especially avoid is the Block Tackle.  A skilled offensive player will beat you almost every time if you stab at the ball with your foot, even if you use proper technique. 

After you’ve learned Angled Approach & Separation, Pressure Defending is the icing on the cake.  It is an additional defensive technique which will make it even more difficult for opponents to beat you. 

Win the 1v1 soccer battle not just offensively, but defensively as well. 


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