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1v1 Soccer videos are not designed to teach proper technique.

Instead, take advantage of the resources linked at the end of this post.  These resources are the best of what is out there.  These resources contain professional trainers and skilled players correctly demonstrating (often in slow-motion) the techniques you want to learn.

The purpose of 1v1 Soccer is to show parents how to modify effective soccer instructional resources for home use.  By applying these resources in the myriad of different ways demonstrated on this site, you can help your child win the 1v1 soccer battle.

A strong 1st Touch means being able to place the ball where you want it after receiving it.  Mastery of 1st Touch includes being in control over two variables when the soccer ball touches your foot. 

Direction – You should be able to guide the ball off your foot in the exact direction you want it to go. 

Weight – This is the pace at which the ball leaves your foot.  You should be able to control how far the ball rolls (1 foot, 3 feet, 5 feet, 10 feet, etc.) in the direction you want it to go. 

There are very few drills in this list of Top Soccer Moves, but the “T” Drill is a fantastic drill to develop a strong 1st Touch. 

The “T” Drill works the inside and outside of both feet (Ball Control).

The “T” Drill focuses on both the Forward & Side Touch (Direction).

The “T” Drill demands touching the ball at an appropriate pace (Weight).

The “T” Drill demands an Inside/Outside Ground Kick/Pass following the 1st Touch.

The combination of moves in this drill make it a winner on every level. 

1st Touch | Kicking/Passing

“T” Drill – Inside/Outside Forward/Side Touch + Inside/Outside Ground Kick/Pass
SU 2 | 1:26:13

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